Effectively meet regulatory requirements across
all business lines with one solution


ICONN reduces the possibility of identity fraud
and the subsequent loss of privacy because it cannot
be shared, stolen or duplicated.



The flexibility of our identification and verification technology
is platform- and device-independent so it can be seamlessly
integrated into any system.

Create policies and procedures for quick
approval or denial of access and entry,
privileges or rights to goods and services


Super ID - The digital
identity for the digital age.

The current practice of identifying individuals using paper
documents encourages fraud and the resulting financial
loss and loss of privacy rampant in society today.


About Us

TASCET is a technology company based in Madison, Wisconsin that provides governance, risk and compliance (GRC) services to clients in the financial, healthcare, cyber, academic, government and travel industries. We designed and developed a new digital ecosystem, the Identity Infrastructure™, which utilizes our proprietary software and activation process to digitally identify consumers. The result is the creation of an industry-specific ICONN (Identity Confirmation Number™) for businesses and a corresponding Super ID™ for consumers. The Infrastructure enables our clients to create governance protocols, risk response procedures and compliance solutions that specifically address challenges associated with the identity of the consumers they serve. The Infrastructure also enables consumers to engage themselves and take an active role in the fight against identity fraud.